Omaha siding is a top notch provider of home exterior installations, replacements, and paneling in the greater Omaha area. We install james hardie, cedar, vinyl, and aluminium siding, all of which are offered at low prices with high-quality customer service.

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The many benefits of new siding are, by no means, restricted to aesthetics. New siding is also helpful in protecting your real estate investment. Guarding your home against deterioration and adding to the resale value, it is a fantastic investment. In order to provide maximum protection for your home, it is important to take local weather into consideration. What are the weather patterns that your building will be facing? Pouring rain? Freezing winds? Baking heat? If your location is prone to extreme weather, make sure to discuss this with your contractor. They will have expert advice on the best kind of siding to serve your needs.

Most home and business owners choose Hardie (fiber cement), vinyl, or natural wood siding. Each of these materials comes with benefits and burdens. One of the widely differing categories among them is the amount of cleaning that they require. The easiest to scrub up is vinyl siding–it can just be hosed down or wiped off with a wet rag. Hardie Siding is also fairly easy to keep up. A thorough cleaning will require a power washer, but it’s quick and straightforward if you have the right tools. Wood siding requires the most upkeep of the three. It will require painting and staining at regular intervals, in addition to general cleaning.


It can seem like quite the undertaking to replace your home exterior—and it is most certainly an important task. You will want to be careful about who you hire to do the work if you want the job to go smoothly. If you want to find the best contractor for the job, you will want to do your homework. Talk to a number of different companies, asking each one about their building projects both past and present and the width and depth of their experience in the siding industry. Make sure to ask for references and really pay attention to what they say. Take into consideration all of the advantages and disadvantages of working with each company, then make your decision. You will be well-informed and able to make the best possible hiring decisions.

Our testimonials

"Great Work!"

I am so glad we chose Omaha Siding to help us remodel our home. The owners and managers were all wonderful and made sure we were kept up to date. We were always well aware of project progress. It wasn’t a particularly easy job, given how close our home is to our neighbor, but it didn’t seem to slow them down one bit. They did a great job, stayed on our timeline, and stayed within the budget. Thanks Omaha Siding!

John C.

"Thank you, Omaha Siding!"

Our old siding had been installed upwards of thirty-five years ago and it was really starting to look pretty dingy. I did some research and got several quotes for the project. Omaha Siding had the best price by a long shot. They came out to our property and got started right away, handing all of the materials beautifully. I almost feel like I got too good of a deal! I’m not complaining, though. Thank you to everyone at Omaha Siding.

Lauren S.

"Wonderful crew!"

Omaha Siding was fantastic to work with! The owner went through all of the options with me, covering the pros and cons of each material and method. I was on a pretty tight budget, but it didn’t seem to bug him at all. We worked together on a plan and decided it was best to replace two walls of siding now and the others in a few years. It was a great experience and I really recommend the crew!

Tim D.

"Great installation, great customer service"

Omaha Siding took down our old siding and replaced it with beautiful new fiber cement boards. The owner was wonderful and helped us make all of our decisions about what product, texture, and style were best for our needs. It was something of a lengthy process, but it never bothered us. They were always on time, on budget, and kept everything clean

Jenny C.